Chloé Studied sculpting at the Arts Academy in Brussels. Following a few lonesome years of work in her studio she felt the need to join the workshop"Experimental practice." Her desire to explore the infinite fields of expression technics starts here.

She integrates her sculptures into instalations, she discovers the magic of video art as well as silkscreen printing. She enjoys working in life size and creates installations out of different mediums which invade forests. Often accompanied by sounds which add an almost untouchable dimension which have a surprising presence.

In her work one feels the expression of that tension, that inner throng true to each person. Metal is her source, she unfolds it in space like an arial graphic line.

To know through knots has been central to her artistic research for the last few years. It is a attempt to find an image for the deep inner milling which her intuition assigns as constitutional to each person. These inner knots have concretely become the bodies of her sculptures.

She speaks of wandering souls,  the essence of  gentle, melting artichoke hearts, knots which entangle and detangle, of the we, diverse inebriations, evenings of tenderness, of distress, of sweat, of honey and of hysteria. It speaks of swaying and palpitation, of flowing over, of that which dissappears, of lost gestures and glances.